Saturday, May 30, 2009

Out Of Town

Greetings! I will be out of town today and tomorrow, Sunday the 31st so there won't be a new blog post until the Monday Must-Have on Monday. I am traveling to Murrell's Inlet, SC for a friend's wedding. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday. :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Workshop Wednesday With Live*Lovely

Today marks another installment of my weekly blog series titled Workshop Wednesday. Each Wednesday will feature either a tutorial by yours truly or another talented artist or artisan, a snapshot of an artist's creative process, or a peek into their creative space. This week's Workshop Wednesday features a tutorial by Live*Lovely Dress Shop.

How to make a cute scarf for your hair

This is a great project because not only is it a great accessory to wear, it also helps you use up some of those awkward scraps you sometimes wind up with after sewing.

You’ll need:

A pretty scrap of fabric big enough to cut into a 32” by 6” rectangle
A tape measure
A sewing machine and thread
An iron and ironing board

Step 1.
Cut your fabric into a rectangle measuring 6” by 32”. (This fits the average size noggin, but just to be sure you could use your tape measure to measure the circumference of your head where you would wear the scarf and then add a total of 8 ½ inches to that—4 for each side to tie, plus seam allowance.)

Step 2.
Fold the fabric in half right side to right side across the short end so it’s a long skinny rectangle, with the back of the fabric out.

Step 3.
Sew the edges together along one short side and the long side opposite the fold. Leave a small seam allowance (¼”) so there isn’t a ton of bunching later. STOP before you totally close it. [insert 04] You need to leave one side open so you can turn it inside out. Definitely have zoned out and sewed the whole thing before. As my grandmother used to say, “As you sew, so shall you rip.” : )

Step 4.
Turn it inside out so you can see the pretty side of the fabric.

Step 5.
Now you will have a frumpy and frayed looking hairscarf.

You need to iron it! Start ironing at the closed end.

When you get to the other end, turn the frayed edges under about ¼”. Then iron them that way so they will stay while you sew it closed.

Step 6.
Sew the turned under edges together.

Tada! A new hairscarf for you. I make at least one of these for just about every dress I sew.

I love that when you just tie it in a regular knot I winds up looking like a bow. I haven’t found the right outfit to go with it to wear the bow in front yet, but I think it could be really cute!

Be sure to check out some of the work in Live*Lovely's Etsy shop! Here are a few of her creations.

If you're interested in being a part of future Workshop Wednesdays, please feel free to convo me in my Etsy shop or comment on this post. Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Puppy Video!

Indie, our Beagle mix puppy, is almost 4 months now. He's a twelve pound ball of teeth, kisses, and boundless energy. This weekend my husband and I took him and his sister Kasey to the dog park, and it was Indie's first time there. At first he was a little hesitant, but then he believed himself to be just as big as his 100 pound sister.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Must-Have

Today marks another installment of my Monday blog series titled Monday Must-Have. Each Monday I will feature a fellow talented Etsian and their phenomenal work. Each featured artist will have their own online Etsy shop where you can peruse and admire their one-of-a-kind body of work. Hopefully you will find new favorite artists and artisans whose work you MUST HAVE. :)

Today's featured artist is Carolyn of CeeGee Jewellery Design.

Who are you (actual name/and or shop name)?

I’m Carolyn and I’m the founder of CeeGee Jewellery Design

What do you create?

I make handcrafted sterling silver jewellery from my home workshop.

Where are you located?

I live in a village in Cheshire, England. I’m just south of Manchester.
When did you start creating?

After spending a hectic decade after university living and working in central London, my husband and I moved up to Cheshire, about 45 minutes from where I grew up. I had trouble finding a similar role to the job I was doing in London, and decided to see if I could do something completely different. 18 months on I miss my old salary but absolutely love what I do! I feel really lucky to be able to do something I really enjoy every day.

Why did you choose your shop name?

My shop name is a derivative of my initials. It was the name I came up with when I was just testing the water really to see if things would work out, and I wanted something personal but professional sounding. I often wish I’d chosen something a bit more interesting and quirky, but I’m kind of stuck with it now! It works well in directories though as it gets me near the top of alphabetical lists!

What inspires you?

Pretty much everything! I try not to be too led by current fashions as I don’t want my jewellery to date, but am influenced by trends. My biggest inspiration is probably the changing seasons – they really affect my mood and the colours I want to use.

What is the most time consuming part of your art/craft?

The whole marketing side of things. I had no idea when I started how much time I would have to spend online, working on my website and trying to get my business name out there. Marketing on a teeny budget isn’t fun!

What's your next project going to be?

I’ve used lampwork beads in my work for some time and absolutely love them. I’m constantly amazed at the talented glass artists out there. I’ve recently started teaching myself to make them and am hooked! I’m in the process of clearing out my garden shed to insulate it and set it up as a permanant lampwork studio. I can’t wait to get it finished so I can get lots of practice in and start using my own beads in my designs. Recently I went on a metal clay course, which I really enjoyed. I’ve just launched the first of my silver clay jewellery on my website and plan to add to the range soon.

What types of things do you do to turn first time buyers into repeat clients?

I always make sure that as well as my business card, I include a card in the gift wrapping that references the business, to help customers remember where they bought their jewellery from. This is something low key that would be suitable to include if it’s a gift. The next stage along from that is getting my business name printed on the gift wrapping but I’m not quite there yet as I have to keep my costs down. I always get the customer on my mailing list where possible so I can keep them informed about new designs and offers. Apart from that I just try to offer excellent customer service so they want to come back and shop with me again!

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

At the beginning of this year I started writing a blog, Trinkets and Treasure ( which covers what’s happening in my business, and also features other indie designers and websites. I love the whole handmade ethos and hope it goes some way to spreading the word! Craft still has a bit of a fusty, dated image in the UK, but there are signs that we’re making progress in proving it’s not all village halls and tea cosies, and giving it a new lease of life. There are a number of UK handmade marketplace sites springing up, but it remains to be seen which will emerge as the best. I’m involved in a promotion at the moment for one of the newest UK pretenders to the Etsy throne, It’s a great looking site with some fantastic shops. Do check it out!

You can also find Carolyn on her main website here. If you're interested in being featured in future Monday Must-Have segments, please feel free to convo me in my Etsy shop or email me. Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Congratulations Gretchen! You have won this hand-painted art pendant necklace!

Gretchen and many others entered the May Giveaway in this post for a chance to win this one-of-a-kind pendant necklace. Here's a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered! The June giveaway will be up and running some time around June 15th.

And here's a little more about Gretchen, the winner of the May Giveaway! Gretchen has an Etsy shop called WhiteHopeDesigns. She creates jewelry, aprons, bags, and softies. I actually featured her and her studio in one of my Workshop Wednesday posts a few weeks ago. Be sure to check out her work in her Etsy shop! Congratulations again, Gretchen!

Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last Day To Enter The Giveaway!

Today is the last day to enter the May giveaway! You can win a hand-painted wearable art pendant necklace; see this post to find out how you can enter: -----> HERE!

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Here are some Indie and Kasey pics to make you smile. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vote For Allover Art!

Etsy has put together a list of items featuring Spring flowers and is asking YOU to vote for YOUR favorite! I have been fortunate enough to be included in this collection, and would appreciate your vote. The top items will snag a spot in the Etsy gift guides.

My Springtime Scene Hand-Painted Art Pendant Necklace is the item from my shop that Etsy has chosen to include in this collection. The original miniature painting is created with high quality acrylic paints on a wooden tile. The painting is then sealed on every surface, and then receives a high-gloss resin finish which gives it a very polished look. The finished effect is similar to that of a heavy glass pendant, but it is actually very lightweight. The pendant features a large silver-plated aanraku bail securely fastened to the back, and comes with a black waxed cotton cord with a lobster claw clasp.

So please, vote for me here ----> VOTE!!

I would really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Workshop Wednesday

Today marks another installment of my weekly blog series titled Workshop Wednesday. Each Wednesday will feature either a tutorial by yours truly or another talented artist or artisan, or a snapshot of an artist's creative process. This week's Workshop Wednesday features Karen of TuscaloosaRoad. She has put together a great tutorial on how to create an eco-friendly cuff. I posted this tutorial in March but it's one of my favorites and I wanted to share it again.

Eco-Friendly Sweater Cuff

What You’ll need:

Sweater fabric - Your local Goodwill or other thrift stores will carry sweaters of all kinds in fairly good condition. Choose sweaters that have a tight weave - cashmere works best because it’s natural and VERY soft. You’d be surprised what you’ll find while at the thrift shop. They carry some very nice items, and you could easily spend hours there. You’ll have to remind yourself to keep on track and repeat to yourself, “I’m shopping for sweaters, I’m shopping for sweaters!”

Yarn - This can also be found at your local thrift shop.

Embellishments - anything will do…a favorite button or pin, or a stash of beads works nicely.

Step 1:

Gather your sweater fabric together and choose colors that you feel will go together nicely. Here I have 4 sweaters in a creamy cashmere, a taupe cashmere, a camel colored cotton cable knit (say that three times fast!) blend, and apple green mohair blend. I ended up using all sweaters except the taupe cashmere on this project.

Step 2:

Now your ready to design the length, style and circumference of your cuff!

Cut several strips of sweater fabric of the same length and lay them out, making sure there are enough strips to cover the circumference of your forearm.

I find that if you use the ribbed areas of the sweater, it holds nicely when you sew the pieces together.

Choose the yarn you’ll be using. Here I’m using bright mustard, rust and olive colors in a 100% wool blend. Notice that my yarn contrasts with the natural colors of the cuff material. You can use whatever yarn color suits your fancy.

Step 3:

Using a very simple overstitch, stitch your cuff pieces together lengthwise. This step takes a little while. I’d say this cuff took me 2.5 hours to stitch. Grab a cup of tea, put on your favorite TV show, and stitch away.

Make sure to overstitch the top and bottom of the cuff too, to deter any fraying.

Once you finish sewing, you’re almost done! Notice how pretty and sinewy the stitches contrast against the fabric on your cuff. It will look very organic and if some of the ends fray a little bit, that’s o.k! It will add to the character of your cuff.

Step 4:

This is my favorite step. Gather together some trinkets for embellishing your cuff. I found these at garage sales and on Etsy. I chose the enameled calico cat pin for this cuff. I’ve decided to name him Cecil. I love the mustardy yellow color on Cecil the cat’s fur. I used him as my cuff’s center-of-attention.

Step 5:

Your done! Now you have an eco-friendly cuff that will look beautiful with a sweater and a pair of jeans. And it will keep your wrist warm too!

Be sure to check out Karen's work in her Etsy shop! If you're interested in being a part of future Workshop Wednesdays, please feel free to convo me in my Etsy shop or comment on this post. Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Do You Want To See Allover Art Create?

If you're an artist or artisan and you've never done an art and craft show, you should really try doing one! This past weekend I had a booth at Artsplosure 2009 in downtown Raleigh. Here's a big THANK YOU to all of you who stopped by to say 'hi'. :) The show was a HUGE success for me; well at least on Saturday. Sunday it was rainy, windy, and cold and after a few hours Indie and I packed up and left. About 2/3 of the other artists there did the same; it was miserable. Indie actually came along on Sunday and had a great time at his first show until we both started shivering.

Saturday at the show was PACKED even though there were four sudden downpours. I apologize again to the woman who got soaked when a breeze dumped the water that had pooled on my awning square in her face. I sold half my inventory and now have a large number of custom orders to complete. My Etsy shop is looking a little depleted and sad with so many listings gone.

Allover Art needs your help! Since half of my inventory found new homes on Saturday, I'm working like mad to build it back up, and I want to hear what you want. What do you want to see Allover Art create? I'll be creating the usual items - rings, pendants, brooches, bobby pins, and now earrings - but I want to know what colors you want to see, what designs, what subjects, what words? Let me have it! :) I value your opinion.