Thursday, May 14, 2009

Facebook App Fun

Thanks to a tip from TheHouseOfMouse, Allover Art now has a Facebook App! You can send unique hand-painted jewelry to your friends; there's a piece for every mood and occasion. Whether you're feeling goofy and want to send an Ostentatious Octopus or want to tell someone you love them, there's a piece of wearable art to express it.

Check out the new app here: -------> Give Some Wearable Art!

I'll be adding new pieces as time goes on. Check it out and send some to your friends! Have a wonderful day.


Audrey said...

I tried facebook, I have a friend who's one it a lot, but I just don't get it. Maybe I'm to old. LOL (my kids think so)

missbmckay said...

I just got into myspace...guess i should've waited. There's always something better coming down the pipe.

This is really quite cool!