Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Workshop Wednesday

Each week I run a blog series titled Workshop Wednesday. Each Wednesday features either a tutorial by yours truly or another talented artist or artisan, or a snapshot of an artist's creative process. I've expanded the Workshop Wednesday feature to include photos of artists' workspaces or studios. It's been difficult to regularly find tutorials and snapshots of an artist's creative process, so I'm hoping that by expanding the Workshop Wednesday I'll be able to feature more artists and artisans. Plus, it's always interesting to get a peek inside another artist's creative space. :)

My first studio space post feature's Beth of UberArt. Here's what she has to say about her space.

I always enjoy seeing pictures and reading about other people's creative spaces. I'm glad to have a room to call my wasn't always like that. In our first house, I shared a tiny 8 x 9 room with the computer desk. If my husband was working at the desk and I was at my work table, we'd bump the backs of our chairs into each other! I utilized every square inch of my space, though.

I spend a lot of time sitting in this chair working on the computer! (Not the little blue chair, the big one! The little one is for my creative assistant.)

This is where the journals and my other works of art are born! I love my "new" floor lamp inherited from my grandmother. It's true vintage! And behold, I can see what I'm doing now!!

Here is the studio watchdog, hard at work! Don't let him fool you, no one can enter or leave the room without his knowledge. He sleeps with one eye open. Sometimes I try to sneak by him to get a snack from the kitchen. Just when I think I've been successful, he usually appears quite suddenly behind me in the pantry! "Whatcha got there, mum? Any to share?"

My sewing table (which is not often used!) and my "resource center". My husband built the bookcase for me. I got sick of the cheap store bought ones that warp under the heavy weight of my art books. I had to keep flipping the shelves over to bend them in the opposite direction! This bookcase is solid wood, and guess what? No warped shelves! Yeah!

My bulletin board, cluttered with inspiration and little gifts from friends!

If you're interested in being a part of Workshop Wednesdays, please feel free to convo me in my Etsy shop or comment on this post. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Have a wonderful day.


Chrisy said...

wow you are soooo neat and well organised...good on you...

Audrey said...

What a great space!! I have a nice room for my crafts too - but it doesn't look nearly that neat! Obviously I have some clean up to do.

Bern said...

Thanks for giving us a peek, Beth!
You are so organized!

Jennifer White Designs said...

You're so lucky to have so much space! I've recently started painting and I have to do that at the kitchen table...bleh.

missbmckay said...

you're so much more organized than me. how do you do it! great items...amazing talent. keep it up!