Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Featured Etsy Seller - Christy's Critters

It's time for another fabulous Etsy seller interview! Meet Christy of Christy's Critters, a fellow pet portrait artist, but in a different medium than my own. ;)

Who are you?

My name is Christina (Christy). My Etsy shop is Christy's Critters (cbarjcrafts).

Where are you located?

I live in a city called Statesville, just north of Charlotte, North Carolina.

What do you do/create?

I work in clay most of the time, creating custom sculptures of people's pets and some of my own original ideas. I also enjoy painting in acrylics, when I have time, which isn't very often anymore.

When did you start creating; how did you start doing what you do?

Like most people who create art, I've been doing something or another most of my life (I'm 30). The clay bug hit me back in 2001, just after the September 11th attacks, when I wanted to do something patriotic and my Mom gave me some polymer clay and an idea she had for a lapel pin. From there it went to making beads, then simple 'critters', and eventually evolved into the animals I make today. I really enjoy sculpting animals due to the 'instant gratification of dimension', which is something I really struggle with on paper and canvas at times.

Where do you create/work?

My FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS and generous Mom has allowed me to turn my old room at her house into an 'art studio' of sorts. It's really made all the difference to have the space to myself and not have to worry about cleaning up everytime I leave. I share my studio space with my ferret. So I guess it's kind of a dual purpose room.

What is your most popular item that you create?

Most popular item? Probably custom ornaments at Christmas.

What do you do when you are not creating/working?

I look after my flock of chickens and ducks, go bird watching, love on my dogs, take photography walks, and read. Oh and surf all the great Etsy shops of course!
Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I think if I were to share anything else it would be: Never give up on your creative inclinations, you never know where they may lead you! I am a firm believer that everyone is an artist of some sort- you don't have to paint beautiful pictures or sculpt works that would put Michelangelo to shame. If you doubt your artistic abilities, just go hang out with a bunch of 1st graders and see how much enthusiasm they put into their work. It may not be as refined as some aesthetic sensibilities require, but they are most definitely enjoying themselves which is the most important part of creating.

You can also read more about what Christy is up to on her blog. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop! She has so many fun and beautifully created pieces of animal art.


Janet P. said...

Great interview, those doggies or should I say critters? are so cute!!

Ruth of Allover Art said...

I know, I want to eat them up!

Christy said...

Thank you again for the feature. :)