Monday, November 10, 2008

Etsy Wishlist

If I could, I would have my entire Christmas wishlist come from Etsy. (Hey! I really need that external hard drive to backup my laptop and new running shoes, and unfortunately they don't sell those on Etsy. ;) Otherwise, Etsy would be my one and only.) In turn, I am also doing a lot of holiday shopping on Etsy for friends and family. There are so many wonderful stores to choose from with such a wide variety of goodies! Here's a list of four fantastic Etsy shops that I would love to find a gift from under our tree this year.

Tee Petals
makes handmade wallets and accessories, and I love her slim clutch wallets! My wallet that I've had since freshman year in high school has seen better days and is getting pretty full since it now melds business and personal effects together. Tee Petals' wallets are the first to make me want to get a new one. She even does custom work! She has all her fabrics up on Flickr so that you can choose the one you want your wallet to be made out of. This one is definitely on my wishlist.

Another one of my favorite shops is sunbasilgarden. Her shop's motto or tagline is "A little art in every bar of handcrafted soap!" Visit her shop and you'll see what she means. She has a wide variety of soap ranging from Honeysuckle Garden soap to a sweet-smelling Pancakes, Bacon, and Eggs soap. I mean, look at this soap! It truly is a little work of art. I love how whimsical it is. All her soaps make me smile; I wish I could try them all.

Decorate the Diva is another one of my favorite shops. She sells all kinds of jewelry, ranging from the conversation-starter Fortune Cookie Anklet to the Big Beautiful Gold Earrings. I am in love with the Big Beautiful Gold Earrings, as well as many of her other Diva Wooden Earrings. According to the description for the Big Beautiful Gold Earrings, these bright bold gold earrings are 2 3/4" long and she used Niobium ear wires. Niobium is the metal of the future! It is hypo-allergenic, so even those who have trouble with other ear wires, should be able to wear these. If I don't get these for Christmas I'll probably end up buying them for myself. ;)

I am also in love with the large clutches from Plonka by Dalinda. They are all made with such fantastic fabrics! Her shop has other items besides clutches, but her large clutches are my favorite. I especially love the Plonkas II Clutch. The fabric has a rich gold hue that really shows the high quality of the workmanship. Linda of Plonka by Dalinda is from Norway and has had her Etsy shop up and running since 2006. She also has a blog.

Be sure to keep Etsy in mind when you are making your holiday wishlist this year. Even if you don't find exactly what you want, I guarantee you that someone will be happy to make it for you, just put a request for a custom item on the site. If you are in the Triangle area and want to shop local Etsy sellers, simply search for the tag 'nctriangle team.' Happy shopping!


Homemade Zen said...

Lovely selection! Beautiful!

Danica said...

I am really drawn to these big beautiful gold earrings. They are beautiful..