Saturday, September 27, 2008

Introducing Kasey Jones!

I thought I should take a moment and make a very much overdue introduction of one of my greatest inspirations, Kasey Jones. Kasey is the third member of the Jones family, and also the hairiest, though not by much. ;) She has provided me with a lot of inspiration, and I'm thrilled that she was able to take a break from destroying her newest toy to do this interview.

Kasey, who are you?

Well, I was born in Pittsboro, NC and my mom was a German Shepherd; I'm not sure who my dad was. I had lots of brothers and sisters. Then my new daddy came and rescued me and now I live in Holly Springs! Mommy and daddy have lots of nicknames for me like Kasalina, Little One, Gray Beard, Bat Ears, and Weirdo. I used to be really little, but now I'm 97 pounds and very strong! I am almost 3 years old, so I'm a grown-up now and should be able to do whatever I want, but mommy and daddy don't let me. They don't know what it's like to be my age.

What's your favorite food?

BANANAS! BANANAS! BANANAS! I can be upstairs far away from the kitchen and I can still hear mommy or daddy peel a banana. As soon as I hear that 'crack' I run as fast as I can to get to the banana. Usually I leave a trail of drool behind me because just thinking about bananas makes my mouth water uncontrollably. Then I sit down and try to look cute so that mommy or daddy will share, but usually they get grossed out by the waterfall of drool I produce and throw me a piece so I stop making a mess. Also, when daddy comes inside from working out and he's really sweaty I like to lick him a lot. He tastes salty. I also really like rabbit and deer poo, but I get in trouble when I eat that.

Do you like to chase things? What's your favorite thing to chase?

I can't choose just one! I love to chase flies when I let them in the house; I usually catch them and then I get treats! Outside I like to chase squirrels and rabbits. One time I chased a squirrel up a tree and then it fell out of the tree and almost hit me in the head! It scared me and I didn't know what to do! I can't believe the squirrel taunted me like that. One day, I will catch one and show it who's boss. Oh! When there is a doggie or a kitty cat on the TV-thing I run at the TV-thing and bark! How do those animals get in my house without me knowing?!

Where is your favorite place to go?

Well anytime I can get in the car I'm happy. I don't like to be home alone, but my favorite place to go is the lake in Vermont! I love the water! I would play in the water all day and all night if mommy and daddy would let me. I like it so much that when mommy and daddy paddle away in the kayaks I try to follow them. They think I'll get tired so people have to keep me inside, even though I know I'm strong. There are lots of new animals for me to chase at the lake. The chipmunks make weird high-pitched chirps and whenever I hear it I go crazy and run all over the place looking for them! I almost caught one once, but it went under the house.

What's your favorite toy?

That's easy! My frisbee! I love for mommy and daddy to throw it for me. I almost always catch it in my mouth.
Sometimes mommy and daddy think that I could put on a great show, but I would get distracted too easily by other people and doggies. My favorite toy is also anything that another dog wants. When I go to the dog park I like to take a toy from another dog and play keep away. If nobody wants it then I go take another toy from another dog. I don't like to share my toys with other doggies, but I don't mind sharing with people. Mommy and daddy have to search for indestructible toys for me because I like to destroy the ones that are soft. I like to pretend that they are the rabbits and squirrels that run in the backyard and floss with them.

Finally, what's your favorite painting of mommy's?

Mommy has done a lot of paintings of me so it's hard to choose. She even did a painting of me to give to daddy when he married mommy! He liked it a lot and it is hanging in our living room. If I had to choose one, the painting of me almost asleep (there on the left) is my favorite. It looks exactly like me! Lots of people have told mommy that her paintings look like photographs, and that when they go to her Etsy shop they think she does photography at first. I wish I could meet all the doggies that she paints. They look like a lot of fun. I would also like to meet the kitties, because they look so tasty, but I don't think mommy and daddy will let me do that.

And now you know a little bit more about Kasey Jones! If you'd like to meet her she can be found on occasion at the Carolina Pines Dog Park, or walking around Lake Pine in Apex. She will be at Pullen Park on October 12th to be around children and to help teach mommy and daddy how to act with her around kids. She will not be giving out autographs, but there will be a photo op.


w said...

that was a great interview.

i wish i were fluent in german shepherd.

i cracked up with the whole chasing the squirrel and it falling out of the tree bit... and only because i could totally see my pug doing the same thing.

DreamWoven said...

i love that pic of KJ in the is perfect!

Giftbearer said...

That dog really has personality! That was funny about the banannas. Carmella likes crabapples. So there must me quite a few fruit-eating dogs, LOL.

Alicia said...

She is so cute! She reminds me of my dog who also loves banana (I dropped nearly a whole banana on the floor the other day, I had to fork it over to her), except I'm impressed that Kasey always catches the frisbee 'cause Jolly never took to that much, she rather destroy it! =)

Multifarious By Design said...

My Pearl loves to chase flies too! I have to keep he away from bees! Kasey is a sweetie!

kim* said...

aw---too sweet love him!

Diane said...

This whole story was absolutely adorable. I LOVE your blog!

Diane said...

Hi Ruth,
I have given you an award for your beautiful blog. Please see my blog for details

UberArt said...

Awww! What a sweetie! I'm such a sucker for dogs!

earthboarjewelry said...

Congratulations on winning the contest! Your interview is entertaining to read and quite a joy with my morning cup of coffee. What a sweetie!!

Great looking blog....

Ruby-Jo said...

Kasey is absolutely adorable. I wish I could pat her but I am a bit far away. It's funny how dogs can 'hear' their favorite foods.

Mary said...

a very sweet post and a loving tribute ;-)