Friday, February 27, 2009

Storque Feature

A big congratulations to Etsy seller wickedworld who created a custom pet portrait pendant with a photo for Mickey Rourke. Mickey Rourke wore the fantastic creation at the Oscars which has brought even more exposure to the handmade world of Etsy. You can read about the pendant and see what it looks like here in The Storque, the Etsy blog.

Also, here's a big thank you to the Etsy admin for including my Custom Portrait Of Your Pet Hand-Painted Art Pendant Necklace with the article. I couldn't figure out where all the views were coming from for about half and hour. :)

Be sure to check out the entire article in The Storque!


joannaphotography said...

Hello! And Congrats! This is great!!!

Audrey said...

Way to go!! Amazing pendants!

smilemonsters said...

Congrats on that Storque feature! Isn't that story about Wickedworld the coolest?!

Jo :)

jacjewelry said...

That's great - congratulations!