Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sustainable Forestry

Here at Allover Art (as well as in my personal life) I strive to be as environmentally conscious and eco-friendly as possible. Some of my efforts include incorporating dried paint from my palette into new pieces of wearable art, using environmentally-friendly paints, using supplies that can be recycled or reused, using recycled packaging or as little packaging as possible when shipping, and using wood from sustainable forestry in each unique piece of wearable art.

What exactly is "sustainable forestry" you might wonder. Sustainable forestry means managing our forest resources to meet the needs we have today without interfering with our future generations' needs. According to the Cornell Forestry Extension Program, this might be the value of hardwood timber or softwood fiber growing, it might be the diversity of native species present, it might be recreational opportunities provided in the region, or it might be the socio-economic culture that has developed around a local wood using industry. Sustainable forestry addresses all the resources provided by the forest. Someone probably advised you at some point to "not burn your bridges", and this advice is at the heart of sustainable forestry where you strive to retain all your options. This includes the option for timber or fiber production, the option for certain species, the option for jobs, the option for clean water, the option for recreational resources, and the option for aesthetic qualities. Because forests change, by the nature of forests, sustainability emphasizes the need to keep viable all the options and opportunities.

Hopefully you can now enjoy wearing your Allover Art jewelry even more knowing that steps were taken to create as little an impact on the environment as possible. :)


Astha Vyas said...

This is really thoughtful n the pendant looks cute. Nice blog.

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