Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fantastic Facebook Fan Pages

I've had the pleasure of following the work of several artists and artisans through their fan pages on Facebook. Through their pages I discover new works of art they have created, sales they are having, and anything else that their creative minds can cook up. In fact, Allover Art has a fan page that you can see here.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite fan pages so that you too can interact with these talented artists and artisans. :)

The House Of Mouse - The House of Mouse is a store filled with cute little felt mice. Each little character is completely hand made. Feel free to promote your own store here by leaving comments and joining discussions

Otis B Gemstone Jewelry - My name is Darrah and I am a stay at home momma of two beautiful girls. I am a completely self taught jewelry designer and have sold my items at fairs, markets and boutiques for over 7 years. I make all of what you see in whatever spare time I can get. I thank my Lord and savior daily for the gift of creativity!

Tialey Vintage - The future of fashion is recycling the past...

April's Originals - Aprils Originals is where you can find beautiful handmade creations made just for you.

If you have a Facebook fan page of your own, please feel free to leave a link to it in the comments. Have a wonderful day!


jen phifer said...


Little Ellie's facebook fan page.

Now off to check out the others!

BPR Designs said...

Nice choices! We have several favorites in common! Here is my fused glass FB fan page if anyone wants to stop by!

Orange Cat Art said...

Great artists! Thanks for sharing :)


libu said...

thanks for asking...Lisa Burge on facebook (Teddy29.etsy.com)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing those really nice facebook fan pages!
And- to share mine,please visit this link:

elsiee said...

I'm a big fan of house of the mouse too! great minds!!

hey come on by and enter my giveaway - it's silly fun!


panda with cookie said...

I just became a fan of yours.
My page is here:

jimena said...

this is mine:

We make jewelry in silver and gold.